Nicole Draper

An Understanding Of What I Can Do For You

Common Questions

1. How do you usually work with clients?

Creating physical, mental, and emotional wellness. understanding current situation, what do they want instead?, identify strengths, beliefs, and skills, techniques to conquer and eliminate current issues, creating boundaries and new habits.

2. What can I expect from the call?

An understanding of what I can do for the client

3. Who is Nicole Draper?

I was not put on this earth to merely exist; I am here for something greater than myself. To create a life of passion and self-worth, while inspiring others to live a life of overall well-being. I work with women who want to live their best life by providing a “Transformational Experience” through a discovery process on how to live a life you love. I pride myself on achievement, courage, integrity, growth, and passion- not only for myself but also for my clients.

Some People We’ve Worked With

Kimberlee Goodman

“Nicole is Very helpful, informative, and encouraging. Also understanding, knowledgeable & kind! Thankful to have such a wonderful health coach to get my health back in check! 10/10 recommend !!”

Mandy B.

“Nicole is very professional, knowledgeable, and kind. She truly wants to help people, and it shows.”

Autumn VanBuren

“When I first started working on my health and wellness I had no idea where to start. I suffered from years of inactivity and needed help. I have now gained strength, confidence, and fitness level. My daughter has recently started working out with us and the growth she has had in her fitness and confidence is amazing. The support my daughter and I received has been the difference”

Lisa B.

“Oh my gosh,I have been thinking about our conversations all day ! You are so empowering and amazing!
Thank You,I truly needed that.Thank You for being such a great friend and such an awesome person to lean on with the exact right words I needed to hear .You are in the right place right now, and doing what you were born to do ! I’m so super happy for you , and proud of you for pursuing your dream. “